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Weird al – Virus alert (Music video)

Stumbled upon this on Youtube, thought it would be nice to break up the real virus alerts with this. Enjoy!

Lyrics: Hey, everyone, listen up, your attention if you please Really want to give you a warning ‘Cause I found out this morning ‘Bout a dangerous, insidious computer virus If you should get an email with the subject: “Stinky Cheese” Better not go taking your chances Under no circumstances Should you open it or else it will Translate your documents into Swahili Make your TV record “Gigli” Neuter your pets and give your laundry static cling (Look out!) It’s gonna make your computer screen freeze (Look out!) Erase the Easter eggs off your DVDs (Look out!) Erase your hard drive and your back-ups too And the hard drive of anyone related to you Virus alert! Delete immediately before someone gets hurt Forward this message on to everybody Soon, very soon, it will make all the paint peel off your walls It’ll make your keyboard all sticky Give your poodle a hickey And invest your cash in stock in Euro Disney Then it will tie up your phone making prank long distance calls It’ll set your clocks back an hour And start hogging the shower So just trash it now, or else it will Decide to give you a permanent wedgie Legally change your name to Reggie Even mess up the pH balance in your pool (Look out!) It’s gonna melt your face right off of your skull (Look out!) And make your iPod only play Jethro Tull (Look out!) And tell you knock-knock jokes while you’re tryin’ to sleep (Look out!) And make you physically attracted to sheep (Look out!) Steal your identity and your credit cards (Look

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