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FBI Moneypak Virus Alert

We’ve got a new virus in the wild called the FBI Moneypak Virus. This virus is making its rounds throughout the country. The FBI Moneypak virus is a malicious piece of software that falls under the category of a ransomware. Meaning the virus attempts to hold your computer hostage until you pay them to remove it.

Locked by the FBI Moneypak Virus

If your machine does get infected you’ll come back to your computer with a lovely, albeit, authentic looking screen. And your computer will be locked from almost all activity. This can be a serious issue since you’ll be blocked from internet access, task manager and the registry editor. Don’t panic. Even if you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing on your computer, the FBI does not lock peoples computers. And if you were being watched by the FBI, they’re not going to politely warn you with a message on your computer, they’ll be knocking down your door.

FBI Moneypak Virus

How to remove the FBI Moneypak Virus

This virus is a little tricky, considering there really isn’t anything you can do while you see the FBI screen on your computer. What you need is another computer available to you. If you can get access to another computer, be it yours or a friend of yours, you can go to the Super Antispyware website and download their Super Antispyware Portable Edition. Once you’ve downloaded the software you’ll need to copy it over to a usb thumb drive. Now go back to your computer and follow these steps:

  1. Turn your computer off, if it’s currently running perform a shut down.
  2. Turn your computer back on. After hitting the power button on your computer immediately start tapping the F8 key on your keyboard. You’ll want to keep tapping the F8 key until you get a screen mention Safe Mode and Safe Mode with networking. Once you see this screen you can stop tapping the F8 key. See image below.
  3. With Safe Mode highlighted hit your enter key to continue booting your machine into Safe Mode.
  4. Once your booted into Windows you may get a message about using System Restore or proceed into Safe Mode. Click on Yes to go into Safe Mode. See image below.
  5. Attach your usb thumb drive to your computer. When the popup box appears, select Browse Files.
  6. Find the file you downloaded from Super Antispyware and launch it by double clicking on it.
  7. Click Scan and wait for the scan to completely finish.
  8. Then remove the infections that Super Antispyware finds.
  9. You’ll probably be instructed to restart your machine after cleaning the computer. Do so, and Windows should boot normally.
  10. Once back into Windows, you should make sure your virus scanning software is up to date and run a scan with it for good measure.
Safe Mode Boot Screen

Safe Mode Boot Screen

Safe Mode Windows Screen

Safe Mode Windows Screen


Need Professional Removal?

Still can’t get the FBI Moneypak Virus removed? If you live in the Hampton Roads area and would like PC Pros 2 Go to come out and remove it for you, just give us a call or send us a contact request. We’ll be happy to get your computer back up and running.


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