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Verizon Share Everything Plan – Worst plan ever?

Back on June 28, 2012 Verizon Wireless announced their new plan, Verizon Share Everything Plan. Since then we’ve been hammered with commercials telling us how great the new plan is for everyone. But is it really the best Verizon Wireless plan ever?


Verizon Share Everything Plan


Verizon Share Everything Plan


So is it the best plan? Sure it is…  for Verizon Wireless. While I have service with Verizon and have been ever since they snagged up Alltel, I have no love loss for the mega business. I’m actually not a fan of any of the wireless carriers. But in this day in age it appears that cell phones are a necessary evil. More to the point, in the eyes of Verizon, smart phones and tablet devices are the necessary evil.


On the surface the new Share Everything Plan sounds pretty good. Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and up to 10 devices on a single plan that share a pool of data. Sounds good doesn’t it? I mean our old family plans had a limited number of talk minutes, you had to pay an extra fee for unlimited text and you had to pay for a data plan. So far so good. And for some people the Share Everything Plan will work out fine. I mean those commercials can’t be misleading can they?



The Real Plan


The new plan has a much different pricing schedule that anything we’ve seen before. Gone are all of the different levels of plans to choose from. There is but one single plan now. What choices you once had are now gone, there is but one choice to decide on. That is how much data you “think” you need on a monthly basis. Depending on the device you want to add will also vary the pricing on your plan. Smartphones are $40 a month, Basic phones are $30 a month, Mobile Hotspot devices and wireless modems are $20 a month and Tablets are $10 a month. Wow, only $10 a month to add a tablet to your plan… Why is that? The key phrase in the previous paragraph was “share a pool of data”.


See, not so long ago, before smartphones and tablets, talk time was king. And you payed dearly for the minutes you used. Unlimited talk plans, for some carriers, was a myth. The wireless carriers knew back then that their money was to be made in your time talking on the phone. Somewhere around the year 2000, smartphones began making their way into the major wireless carriers. Since they’re were just coming out carriers offered some choices for data plans for the new fancy smartphones. And in time carriers began offering unlimited data plans. Move forward to today and smartphones are plentiful, basic phones are harder to come by. And for good reason, more and more people spend a great deal of their time online, they want to be able to access their online life everywhere. And this is where the Share Everything Plan comes into play.


I’m sure over the years Verizon has been watching the decline of talk usage and increase in data usage. And now is the time to capitalize on the change in society. With data usage going up and up Verizon needed a new plan to cover their bases. The once coveted unlimited data plan, which helped Verizon gain a good chunk of the smartphone customer base is now gone. Because unlimited data no longer is in the best interest for Verizon. Limiting the amount of data you can use and catching you with overage charges or upgrading your data plan is the future of Verizon.


The Hook


In a single word, unlimited. That’s the hook. Unlimited talk and unlimited text. With the decline in talk usage and texting doesn’t cost that much to do, unlimited talk and text doesn’t really matter to Verizon. Data is the new king.


We want you to share!


Share up to 10 devicesIf you’ve noticed the device limit on the Share Everything Plan has been bumped up to 10 devices. Which means you can have up to 10 devices eating away at that sharable pool of data. To make it even easier to use up all of your data Verizon charges $10 a month to add a tablet. That’s because if you’re going to be using a tablet then you’re probably using it mostly online. Tablets are data eaters, so let’s make it the cheapest device for your plan. And before the almighty Share Everything Plan smartphones had an app for turning your phone into a mobile hotspot, but you had to pay extra for that feature, even if the phone manufacturer made your phone hotspot capable. But now, you can enable a hotspot with you smartphone for free, why? To use more data. Most of this new plan is aimed at getting you to use more data, and making it easier for you to do so.


Unlimited data gone?


Technically, if you have an unlimited data plan you can still keep it. But one way or another you ARE going to pay for it. To quote Verizon Wireless:


You’re not required to switch to a Share Everything Plan, but if you do, you won’t be able to keep your unlimited data package. When you upgrade, you can choose from a voice plan with a standalone data package or a Share Everything Plan. If you want to keep unlimited data, you have the option to pay full retail price for a new phone.


Since 6/28/12 if you want to get a new phone and keep your unlimited data, you’re going to have buy your new phone outright. No longer will you get the 2 year phone discount. While Verizon, so far, is keeping their word with honoring the grand-fathered plan, they won’t making it easy for you to keep it. That’s because if you have an unlimited data plan and you get your money’s worth out of it, then you’re costing Verizon money. The future will tell just how long Verizon will still honor the unlimited plan. There may come a time when Verizon forces you to join the Share Everything Plan when you renew your contract.


So, worst plan ever?


That’s for you to decide. For me, that answer is a big fat yes. For those people that don’t use their smartphones a lot, the plan won’t impact you too much. For a few people here and there, the plan might even be a little bit cheaper. But for those who use data like it’s water, Verizon’s new plan can only end with you handing them your paycheck. And if you want to figure out how much data you might use, Verizon has been courteous enough to give you a rough data usage calculator to use. And if you have an unlimited data plan, enjoy while you can. Otherwise, check out the Share Everything Plan for yourself.

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