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Computer Virus Samples

Here are some sample videos we’ve found on the net showing peoples computers getting infections on their computers.


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Album90 dot com – Phishing Site Alert

Just a little while ago I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine. The message read: “hey, go to album90 dot com and search for “Pc Pros To Go” then click on the first photo.. I bet you didn’t remember that, eh?”


Seemed harmless enough. So I go to and you’re presented with a Facebook login screen.


Album90 dot com

I’m thinking, I’m already logged in to Facebook so why am I getting this message. So I entered in a bogus email address and a fake password and it let me on through. And this was the following page.


album90 dot com


Just an image of apparently someone’s graduating class.


Album90 dot com Phishing Site


Album90 dot com appears to be a phishing site. What’s a phishing site? It’s a site that is set up to resemble a trusted site, where you would normally have to log in to. Only when you enter in your personal information it gets recorded. Then at some point in time, the person who set up the site now has your login information for whichever site they tried to make it look like.


I put in my real login information! What do I do?


Change your passwords immediately! In this case, go and change your Facebook password. And since a lot of people like to use the same password for everything, if you used the same password for your email address that you use for Facebook, then you probably should change that as well.


Report About90 dot com


The other thing you should do is report the site. To report the site to Google visit Report Phishing Page.

  1. Fill in the URL which is actually
  2. Enter in the Captcha code.
  3. In the comments field you might want to write. The site is phishing for Facebook logins. The original site was but it gets forwarded to the link above.
  4. And submit your report.


Update on About90 dot com


It appears as those both the about90 dot com site as well as the redirect link have been taken down. So if you happened to get snagged by these people, please make sure to changes your passwords as soon as possible. Otherwise, you should hopefully not get any Facebook messages asking you go to about90 dot com.


Play Safe!

FBI Moneypak Virus Alert

We’ve got a new virus in the wild called the FBI Moneypak Virus. This virus is making its rounds throughout the country. The FBI Moneypak virus is a malicious piece of software that falls under the category of a ransomware. Meaning the virus attempts to hold your computer hostage until you pay them to remove it.

Locked by the FBI Moneypak Virus

If your machine does get infected you’ll come back to your computer with a lovely, albeit, authentic looking screen. And your computer will be locked from almost all activity. This can be a serious issue since you’ll be blocked from internet access, task manager and the registry editor. Don’t panic. Even if you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing on your computer, the FBI does not lock peoples computers. And if you were being watched by the FBI, they’re not going to politely warn you with a message on your computer, they’ll be knocking down your door. Continue reading

United Parcel Service Notification – Virus Alert

Unitied Parcel Service Notification - Virus AlertWe starting receiving emails today appearing as though they came from UPS. The title of the email will be “United Parcel Service notification”. The two emails we received came from and Whatever email address they come from doesn’t really matter.

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