Computer Repair Smithfield

Smithfield Computer Repair

From the Court House to Smithfield High and everything in between, if you need Smithfield computer repair in Smithfield, Va then PC Pros 2 Go is here to service your computer repair needs.


Smithfield Computer Repair


The best comparison to your computer is your car. Both are crucial, can provide entertainment and both will need to be repaired at some point in time. It’s simply just a fact of life. And just like a car, before you pay to get it worked on, you have to decide whether it’s worth repairing or it’s simply just time to get a new computer. A computer has several moving parts inside of it, your hard drive, cd/dvd drive and some fans. Over time these parts will fail from wear and dust. Even the non-moving parts, such as the motherboard, video card, CPU and memory can fail, usually due to old age and heat.


With a number of companies providing Smithfield computer repair, we feel you’ll find our prices very affordable and our service top notch. But feel free to shop around, the most important thing is that you get your computer back in working order.


Smithfield Computer Repair gone mobile


PC Pros 2 Go is a mobile computer services company. Which means we come to you. No more breaking your laptop down and taking it across town to drop it off at some costly store front. All in-home computer repair visits incur a $35.00 Service Call fee. However, you will still find our repair services more affordable than most. Some computer repairs can be repaired remotely. So give us a called so we can determine whether you’ll need in-home or remote service.


Below is a list of some of the more standard computer repair services we offer and their prices. Don’t see the computer service you need? Just contact us and see if we can help you.


Smithfield Computer Repair


Malware Removal
Virus Removal
Get your computer virus free for only
System Reload
Bring your computer back to life for
System Optimization
Get your computer optimized for only $30.00
Network Setup
Setup and secure your network starting at $40.00
Remote Repair Service
Remote computer services for only $35.00/hr
Computer Hardware Installation
Get new hardware installed starting at $35.00

Remember, this is not an all inclusive list of Smithfield computer repair we offer. If you don’t

see the type of service you need just contact us and see if we can give you a hand.

Smithfield Computer Repair

All in home service calls incur a $35.00 service call fee.