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Securing your wireless network

Securing your wireless networkSecuring your wireless network is a rather important step in the security of your home network. Now this is not a new concept, but we’re covering this topic for a reason. From time to time while on service calls we scan the area and find unsecured networks everywhere.


So, doing our good Samaritan duty by telling people to secure their wireless networks.


The WHY is because an unsecured wireless network allows anyone close enough to your router to connect to it and access your network.

If you don’t know anything about wireless networks you might be saying, “I’m what they call computer challenged, how do I secure a wireless network?”. Well, I’m going to try and help you. First we’ll give you a basic overview of a wireless network.


Securing your wireless network

That’s what a typical wireless network might look like. Don’t be alarmed if yours doesn’t look like that. Most everyone running a wireless network will have a modem and a router, plus a computer connecting wireless to the router.


How do I secure my network?


The easiest way would be to refer to your owner’s manual for the router. Don’t have one? Don’t worry you should be able to find a manual at your routers manufacturer website.


Here are some of the major router manufacturer web sites:



Typically the way this is going to go is that you’ll open a web browser on a computer connected to the router. Preferably one that is connected via a cable and not wirelessly. Then, depending on your router setup you would type either or in to the address bar of your browser.


Then you should be a the router login. Below are the typical router logins:


Username: admin
Password: password




Username: admin




Password: admin


Now this are just standard logins and may or may not apply to your specific router. Once logged you will need to go to the wireless security section of your router. And setup the security. You’ll probably several different security types. WEP is basic security and while not overly secure it will keep passerbys from accessing your network. WPA and WPA2 is significantly more secure than WEP. Then you plug in a pass phrase or a wireless key. Apply the setting and you’re done.


One thing to remember, you’ll need to keep that pass phrase or wireless key. Because you’ll need this in order to connect wireless devices to your router.


And remember, you can always call on us to do it for you.


If you’re needing some wireless network components we’ve put some recommendations together for you.


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