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Virus Removal

Virus Removal $40.00It can happen to the best of us. You’re cruising around the internet and bam, you’ve got windows popping up all over the place. You’re computer starts to run slower and acting like it’s been possessed. You’re computer just got infected. You need virus removal services and you need them now!


There are tools a plenty on the internet for removing viruses from your computer. Which is great, until you find out that whatever you’ve got on your computer won’t let you install anything. Or, every time you search the internet for a tool and then click on the link you’re taken to some other site. That’s when you call on the pros at PC Pros 2 Go. You can also try running a free online virus scan or use the Bitdefender Quickscan in our sidebar. Most online scanners will require you to download a piece of software on to your computer in order to conduct the scan.


System ReloadWe’ll come over, clean out your computer and set you back up with some pretty descent anti-virus software. When it comes to virus removal, we have a pretty good success rate. But not every computer can get cleaned out, sometimes a computer can be so heavily infected that the only thing you can do is perform a system reload.


You might be saying, “I have anti-virus software on my computer. I don’t know how my computer got infected.”, well let us just say that no anti-virus software is effective for 100% of viruses 100% of the time. The appropriate term is malware, which basically means bad software. If you just have “anti-virus” software you’re missing the mark. You need software that covers viruses, spyware and other forms of malware.


Can’t I just run several different anti-virus programs


How can we put this… NO! If you want your computer to run anywhere near the way it did when you first got it, then you really don’t want to run more than one anti-virus or anti-malware program on your computer. Anti-virus or Internet Security program are resource intensive, some more than others. Running multiple active scanners on your computer can seriously have an adverse effect on your computer. Consider this, an anti-virus program is almost constantly scanning files on your computer. If you have say, two of these scanners on your computer, then both of them are scanning. Two programs, actively scanning your files and sometimes conflicting with each will drastically slow down your machine.


So, don’t do it. If you need help, then we’re here for your virus removal needs. Just give us a call.


PC Pros 2 Go Virus Removal