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These days almost everyone has a computer. And sooner or later you’ll need some form of computer repair. Whether you need virus removal, component replacement or data retrieval, everyone needs help at some point in time. You could call one of those big repair companies, we’ll leave the names out to protect the not-so innocent, or you can stretch your dollar with PC Pros 2 Go. And in this day and time, getting the most bang for your buck is paramount.


 Computer repair dollars that count


One of our lead tech’s jobs used to be recycling computers over and over again just trying to squeeze every bit of usefulness out of them. So we understand the process of trying to save our customers money when we can. As well as informing the customer they’re better off replacing the computer versus having us repair their computer. If that’s what it takes, ultimately it’s about making you, the customer, get a fair deal.

Computer Repair

Think of your computer like it’s a car. Occasionally you’ll need to put money into your car. Oil changes, brakes, tires and so on. But when something major breaks you have to make a decision whether to repair or replace it. Your computer is no different. Some problems are worth the repair, while others warrant replacing.


We’re a little more ethical than a lot of the big computer repair companies. Ok, we’re a lot more ethical. While we are a business and businesses are supposed to make money, we’re not greedy. If we think you’re better off replacing your computer instead of repairing it, we’ll be happy to let you know. At least giving you the information so that you can make an informed decision. And that’s why we feel that PC Pros 2 Go is a better choice for Hampton Roads computer repair.


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All in home service calls incur a $35.00 service call fee.