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Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Game Review

Just got finished playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter on my computer. So it’s time to whip up a game review for the latest Medal of Honor game in the series.


Medal of Honor Series


The first Medal of Honor game was release back in 1999, with new games in the series being release almost every there after until 2007. Most of them were cool to play, a few were short and given the quality of graphics during that time, were pretty descent.

Electronic Arts and their developers took some time to develop the new Medal of Honor which was release in 2010. And overall I thought it was a pretty good game. Good enough that I played through it about 6 or so times on the single player campaign. Two years later we now have Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Let’s begin.


Medal of Honor Warfighter


Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Let me first put out there that I do not play multiplayer online for most of these games I test out. I simply don’t have the time to try and play against people who sit and play these games for 10 hours a day. I got enough frustration in the general day to day living.


So we’re going to cover the single player campaign. This is typically what you’ll want to play through first anyways, so you can get a feel of the game.


In a word… short! I casually played through this game in two sitting of about 4 hours (if that) each. I know the majority of these first person shooter games being developed today are primarily for multiplayer online. But if you’re going to put in the effort to slap a single player campaign on to your multiplayer game at least make it good.




The game picks up where Medal of Honor (2010) left off from before as it reveals Tier 1 operator Preacher returning home to find his family torn apart from years of deployment. The campaign also reveals that PETN, was discovered to have crossed borders into the United States. You’re basically following the storyline of Preacher from the 2010 Medal of Honor game.


Doesn’t sound too interesting and when playing through the campaign it doesn’t seem all that coherent. I mean, when playing through the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series I feel like I’m part of a mission. Here in Medal of Honor: Warfighter I feel as though I’m just going through the motions.


Medal of honor Warfighter Human Element


It seems as though EA tried to add some more human elements to the game. I guess trying to get you to relate to the hardships of being a covert operative. Ok, I served my country and I’m thankful everyday for the men and women who serve, but when I choose to play a military style shooter game I play to win. I play to achieve a goal, to stop evil, to win the war, etc. Not get a dose of personal hardships. I don’t mean to sound cold, and I’m really not. When I watch WWII battle scenes like pearl harbor or D-Day I’m in awe for the people who made it through those battles. And in horror as to what actually took place.




While overall I wasn’t too impressed with the game, I have to say the graphics for Medal of Honor Warfighter were pretty good. Good use of smoke and lighting, most of the time. Movie sequences in the game looked pretty well done, except for the hair on the women. You’ve also got weather effects such as wind and rain. Take a look through the gallery below to see for yourself.


[nggallery id=1]


Sound Effects


Another good point for the game. Here you have plenty of ambient noises, different sounds for different guns being fired, people talking and shouting when the fighting starts. And of there are plenty of explosions to blow out your ear drums if your wearing head phones turned up. But check out the video below, word of warning there is a fair amount of profanity.



Conclusion for Medal of Honor: Warfighter


Aesthetically, the game is great. Great graphics and matching sound would hold promise in most games. But the game itself is falls short with a weak storyline and some broken mechanics. Mechanics such as the limitless amount of ammo you can get from your teammates. In a real battle you would go in with what you could carry. Run out of ammo? Pick up your enemy’s weapon. And while you can pickup and use enemy weapons, when you move from stage to stage the game makes the enemy weapon go away and your back to your default weaponry.


Graphics: 4.5

Sound Effects: 4

Gameplay: 2.5

Storyline: 1.5


Overall Rating: 3


As I mentioned before I don’t do multiplayer, but from what I’ve read online the multiplayer is riddled with bugs. Mostly spawn glitches like spawning underneath the map and falling or spawning in an off section of the map where you can’t get back in to the playing field.


Maybe EA will fix the bugs of the game. But if you want to play a first person shooter for some sort of accomplishment in single player campaign then Medal of Honor: Warfighter is not for you. The multiplayer aspect of the game, which apparently the game was made for, does show some hope. But only if they can get the bugs out before something better comes along… Call of Duty Black Ops 2?


Still want to buy the game?


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