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Virus Alerts

When we find news about recent viruses we’ll post a blog about them to let our readers know.

FBI Moneypak Virus Alert

We’ve got a new virus in the wild called the FBI Moneypak Virus. This virus is making its rounds throughout the country. The FBI Moneypak virus is a malicious piece of software that falls under the category of a ransomware. Meaning the virus attempts to hold your computer hostage until you pay them to remove it.

Locked by the FBI Moneypak Virus

If your machine does get infected you’ll come back to your computer with a lovely, albeit, authentic looking screen. And your computer will be locked from almost all activity. This can be a serious issue since you’ll be blocked from internet access, task manager and the registry editor. Don’t panic. Even if you are doing something you shouldn’t be doing on your computer, the FBI does not lock peoples computers. And if you were being watched by the FBI, they’re not going to politely warn you with a message on your computer, they’ll be knocking down your door. Continue reading

United Parcel Service Notification – Virus Alert

Unitied Parcel Service Notification - Virus AlertWe starting receiving emails today appearing as though they came from UPS. The title of the email will be “United Parcel Service notification”. The two emails we received came from and Whatever email address they come from doesn’t really matter.

Continue reading