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GameStop Pre-Owned Quality Control

Let’s start off by saying that I am a cheap skate when it comes to buying games for my consoles. I’ve got some pretty good will power not buy a game when it first gets release. The primary reasons behind this is a) I don’t have time to always play games b) some games are play once through and $50-$60 for a game you’re going to play once is a waste.


So I love getting a bargain when it comes to buying my games. And when GameStop has one of their buy 2 get 1 free sales, I’m like a kid on Christmas day. I’ll hold on to a GameStop giftcard for months until one of those sales come up. But every single time I buy pre-owned games from GameStop I get irritated and here’s why.

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Microsoft’s Ballmer Says Company Must Combine Hardware and Software

Computer Hardware
Microsoft Combines hardware and software

Image by Cyberslayer


Microsoft’s Ballmer Says Company Must Combine Hardware, Software
Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said the maker of Windows programs must exploit the opportunity to combine hardware and software as it challenges Apple Inc.’s iPad with the Surface tablet computer. Microsoft, the world’s largest software maker …
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Microsoft does hardware
PC hardware companies have depended on Microsoft’s Windows to keep selling computers, and new Windows versions often spiked sales of the hardware. But with the advent of the iPad, Apple showed how important the hardware is: How thin, how beautiful …
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Fujitsu to expand services sales as hardware slumps
Fujitsu Ltd. plans to increase sales in computer services to make up for declining hardware demand. The company, Japan’s leader in computer services, is expanding the business in Europe and North America and plans to boost sales of services including …
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Computers Stolen From K-State Campus
Several Mac computers along with monitors and other computer hardware were stolen between 4 and 9 p.m.. The total loss is over $ 10,000. Anyone with information should call the K-State Police Department at 785-532-6412. Anonymous tips can be left at …
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Q&A: My McAfee anti virus has disabled suddenly and i fear it might be a computer virus?

McAfee Anti Virus DisabledQuestion by Franklyn: My McAfee anti virus has disabled suddenly and i fear it might be a computer virus?
I’ve recently received a “windows security alert” (red shield with an X icon) saying my anti virus has been disabled. I fear that it is a computer virus and that if i take action (clicking on the anti virus)  I might cause more harm to my computer. Do any of you know what I’m talking about.


PC Pros 2 Go answer:


We’ve never been a fan of McAfee and for good reason. But the first thing you might want to do is attempt to scan your computer with another software. For this purpose we’d recommend the free version of Super Antispyware or Malwarebytes. Once the scan is finished and you remove what ever the scan finds, then uninstall McAfee. Download and run the McAfee Removal Tool. And finally install your choice of anti virus program. After you install a new virus scanner be sure to update the definitions and run a full scan of your system.


Alternative Anti Virus Solutions


[amazon_enhanced asin=”B008MR2I8U” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B008SCNF1S” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B005EIZ77O” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B008V4SFWW” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B008MR2YYI” /]


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Medal of Honor: Warfighter – Game Review

Just got finished playing Medal of Honor: Warfighter on my computer. So it’s time to whip up a game review for the latest Medal of Honor game in the series.


Medal of Honor Series


The first Medal of Honor game was release back in 1999, with new games in the series being release almost every there after until 2007. Most of them were cool to play, a few were short and given the quality of graphics during that time, were pretty descent.

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Weird al – Virus alert (Music video)

Stumbled upon this on Youtube, thought it would be nice to break up the real virus alerts with this. Enjoy!

Lyrics: Hey, everyone, listen up, your attention if you please Really want to give you a warning ‘Cause I found out this morning ‘Bout a dangerous, insidious computer virus If you should get an email with the subject: “Stinky Cheese” Better not go taking your chances Under no circumstances Should you open it or else it will Translate your documents into Swahili Make your TV record “Gigli” Neuter your pets and give your laundry static cling (Look out!) It’s gonna make your computer screen freeze (Look out!) Erase the Easter eggs off your DVDs (Look out!) Erase your hard drive and your back-ups too And the hard drive of anyone related to you Virus alert! Delete immediately before someone gets hurt Forward this message on to everybody Soon, very soon, it will make all the paint peel off your walls It’ll make your keyboard all sticky Give your poodle a hickey And invest your cash in stock in Euro Disney Then it will tie up your phone making prank long distance calls It’ll set your clocks back an hour And start hogging the shower So just trash it now, or else it will Decide to give you a permanent wedgie Legally change your name to Reggie Even mess up the pH balance in your pool (Look out!) It’s gonna melt your face right off of your skull (Look out!) And make your iPod only play Jethro Tull (Look out!) And tell you knock-knock jokes while you’re tryin’ to sleep (Look out!) And make you physically attracted to sheep (Look out!) Steal your identity and your credit cards (Look

How to prevent or remove a computer virus

How to remove a computer virus



Press F8 to enter safe mode at first boot if you cant work in normal mode. These are methods you can use to remove or prevent computer virus. Caution when visiting websites you do not trust and always try to backup because its not always this easy to remove an infection.

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How to choose a video card

Shopping for a new video card or video cards? Check out this video from ComputerTV.


How to choose a video card


Don’t see the video? Refresh the page.

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Newegg TV: PC Monitors


It’s the monitor category video! Made for our monitor category store on Learn more about that thing you’re staring at. Enjoy. Monitors @ Newegg: — Credits — Camera: Rachel, Lam, Kyle Editing/Post-production: Kyle Word: Paul Made Us Do This: Mr. Lam

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TuneUp Utilities 2013 Giveaway

Surfing around the internet today and look what we found!


TuneUp Utilities 2013 Giveaway


That’s right, FREE! Zip, Zero, Nil, Nada! Just click the button below to enter yourself for a chance to win this great piece of software. Our friends over at Craving Tech started a TuneUp Utilities 2013 giveaway just a few days ago. As of 11/8/2012 you still have 17 days left to enter. So rush over there today and get your entry in.


TuneUp Utilities 2013 Giveaway

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Latest Computer Hardware News

Microsoft Surface NewsHere are some of the latest computer hardware news articles going around the internet.


Latest Computer Hardware News


Acer warns Microsoft that hardware is like ‘hard rice’
The latest comments from the Taiwanese computer maker again criticize Microsoft’s recent push to compete with its hardware partners. According to a rough translation from Google, Linxian Lang, Acer’s manager of Greater China operations, compared …
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